Mt Tam Park

A New Kind of
Furniture Company

Otelier is a play on the word Atelier. The O represents our studio's focus on circular economy as a foundational principle. In the last decade, retail industries and consumers have shifted towards fast furniture, marked by low prices, poor construction, copied designs, and single usage. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans throw out more than 12 million tons of furniture and furnishings each year. How might we design better products and systems? Otelier is our platform to explore that question.

Our Values


The world does not need more stuff. When we introduce a new product, we rigorously ask ourselves whether it's different and beneficial enough to be produced.


Beyond sustainable materials and manufacturing practices, we are working on a circular economy model that encourages reuse. We also hope to track and neutralize our carbon footprint.


We think of furniture less as decor and more as experiences. We consider our customers' emotional and physical needs given their context, and use functionality to inspire the form and aesthetics of our products.


We've stated our goals here publicly so we can take accountability. We will always try our best to take care of our customers, employees, and the environment

Encouraging Reuse

The Circular Economy Model

Our Partners

Quality & Ethical Manufacturing

To make our products at scale in high quality, we rely on our skilled manufacturers. We work with independent American furniture makers and international manufacturers that are ISO19001 and ISO14001 certified to ensure they meet labor ethics and sustainability requirements.

Our Story